Get Well Soon

Our son was going to spend a week up north camping with his Grandma and Grandpa.  However, Grandpa fell on the driveway and broke his right leg. This happened on August 1st (their 59th wedding anniversary) and Grandpa had just turned 82 on July 28th.  He is having surgery today. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!



A small speckled visitor

wearing crimson cape,

brighter than a cherry,

smaller than a grape.

A polka-dotted someone

walking on my wall,

a black-hooded lady

                                                 in a scarlet shawl.      —  by Joan Walsh Anglund


Image      With Spring just around the corner, I decided to post a picture of the bunny we made a couple of years ago.  Our painted pavers have improved over the past two years.  Now, my husband grinds down the bump (on top of the head) and our son washes off the grinding dust before he paints with primer. Oh, we have a lettering template, too! So the next time we make a bunny, the paver will look better.

Welcome (almost) Spring!