About Our Family Blog

Thank you for stopping by!  This blog is for a family (mom’s blog & dad’s Facebook page) of fledgling crafters living in the American mid-west.  All projects are made, at least in part, with our handi-capable adult son who lives with us.  For his privacy and safety, our faces and full names will not be used.  We hope all visitors will understand and support our decision.

This is a learning experience for all of us. We’ll begin by posting some well-loved poetry with pictures of our family projects as illustrations.  Eventually, we’d like to include some comments and questions from our son.  He’s quite an introvert so a bit of practice communicating on a computer — he loves computers — might help strengthen his interpersonal skills.  Whatever the outcome, we will be a stronger family for having taken this journey together.  So come on in; the door is open!


2 comments on “About Our Family Blog

  1. What a wonderful adventure together! Thanks for your comment on the Tutorial Blog hop! Be sure to stop by and add yourself as a follower so I can put your name in a second time for the prize!! Hugs!!

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