Get Well Soon

Our son was going to spend a week up north camping with his Grandma and Grandpa.  However, Grandpa fell on the driveway and broke his right leg. This happened on August 1st (their 59th wedding anniversary) and Grandpa had just turned 82 on July 28th.  He is having surgery today. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!


Single Butterfly Cards

Our son, who attends a sheltered workshop for the handicapped, took some cardstock and two butterfly paper punches to work a few weeks ago.  In a couple of days, he made about 50 usable butterflies.  Today’s blog post is to show how we are using them.

They are  blank inside and stamped “hand-made with love” on the back.  The place where our son works has a small store where we hope each of these 5  x  6 1/2 inch cards with envelopes will sell for $1.00.  We live in an economically depressed area that has lost 80% of our automobile industry jobs and don’t want these cards to sit on a counter gathering dust.  So what do you think — will they sell?

Give A Hoot!

The Owls

by Charles Baudelaire

Under the overhanging yews,

The dark owls sit in solemn state,

Like stranger gods; by twos and twos

Their red eyes gleam.  They meditate.

Motionless thus they sit and dream

Until that melancholy hour

 When, with the sun’s last fading gleam,

The nightly shades assume their power.

From their still attitude the wise

Will learn with terror to despise

All tumult, movement, and unrest;

For he who follows every shade,

Carries the memory in his breast,

Of each unhappy journey made.